VenturePad addresses a critical need in Marin by combining affordable, accessible and professional office space with support services for Marin’s entrepreneurs, freelancers and home office professionals under one roof. Our community’s entrepreneurship hub will be 4000 square feet of beautiful, productive open space with private suites, open desks, meeting rooms and a café. VenturePad will also provide classes, workshops and a wrap around “C-suite team” of professional services offering affordable, specialized skills.

There is an unmet need right now in Marin County & the North Bay for not only affordable coworking space, but also for startup incubator services, meeting room rentals, business mentoring/advising & entrepreneur networking. Marin lost its only 2 incubator and entrepreneurship support centers in 2015 - Venture Greenhouse and the Renaissance Center. And the only local meeting room rental agency closed on April 30. Marin has no full service, central coworking space with meeting rooms either. VenturePad will fill all these voids.

Professional Community Space

VenturePad’s open space for gatherings of up to 50 will host after-hours events, lectures and mixers to build community and cross-pollination between artists, professional service providers, freelancers, funders, nonprofits and social and environmental activists.

We also provide a viable alternative for all those who would rather work locally instead of feeling that ''obligation'' to drive to San Francisco every day. We provide an alternative for those tired of only being able to choose between a local cafe & your home office for work. VenturePad is ALL about quality of life & about thriving & recharging with others who are on similar journeys with you.

VenturePad Sustainability

VenturePad is a registered Benefit Corp, and will operate with low environmental impact and high social impact. As a Zero Waste facility, less than 5% of our waste will go to landfill. We will be a Marin Clean Energy Deep Green commercial customer, with 100% of our energy sourced through renewable sources. We will report our carbon footprint and sustainability performance.


  • Launch 15-25 companies/year via the Incubator, and offer startup and scaling business funding.

  • Develop community-driven impact initiatives fostering public-private collaboration, and technology leverage and social outreach; examples include climate change, clean energy, wellness, healthy food and sustainable ag, affordable housing, traffic/low carbon transport, homelessness, natural resource conservation and land use.

  • Model practices that we champion by being a carbon neutral, certified Green business, while operating with a near zero waste stream.