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Lunch & Learn: Are You "In the Zone" or Stuck in Your Comfort Zone? — with Nicola Walker

  • VenturePad 1020 B Street San Rafael, CA, 94901 United States (map)

Break out of your comfort zone to work with focus and flow. 

"In the zone" refers to the zen-like effortless action that follows freedom from the old ingrained habits that slow you down—your "comfort zone." Discover how to quickly recognize whether you are sitting complacently in your comfort zone or acting successfully in the moment. 

·       Learn the five key qualities you and your business gain from being "in the zone" 
·       Clarify at least one of your comfort zones and why you like being there
·       Create an irresistible pull to being "in the zone" so it becomes your main state

You will walk away with a newly energized approach to business, one which will reduce stress levels while generating more action. This talk is for anyone who wants to be successful with what is most meaningful to them, yet too often feel held back by stress and ingrained habits. 

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