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Marintrepreneurs / Guest speaker Loren Fogelman: Get Paid What You’re Worth – Increase Your Rates without Losing Clients

  • VenturePad 1020 B Street San Rafael CA 94901 USA (map)

Hot seat pitch / followed by…Get Paid What You’re Worth – Increase Your Rates without Losing Clients with Loren Fogelman

A lot of entrepreneurs worry that if they raise their prices they’ll lose business, so they continue to settle for less. That’s because they love what they do and are not in business strictly for financial gain. It’s time to correct the mistaken belief that financial struggle is necessary in order to follow your heart professionally. It’s just not true. 

Clear the roadblocks to financial success. It’s possible for motivated business owners to grow successful businesses without compromising their values.  During this action-packed session you’ll learn:

  • The #1 shift to go from cash struggle to prosperity.

  • 3 simple client attraction strategies.

  • The top 4 things clients value most and will happily pay for.

The keys to get paid what you’re worth are counter-intuitive. Transform the focus from struggle to prosperity and map out the next steps toward creating a profitable business you love!

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More similarities, than differences, exist between business and sports. When speaking, Loren Fogelman, founder of Business Success Solution, reveals the secrets to success by highlighting what happens behind the scenes. As a therapist turned business coach, she’s dedicated her professional life to helping entrepreneurs, leaders and professionals transform challenges and obstacles into opportunities. Loren is author of The Success Solution – Break Through Limiting Beliefs for Business Success, an Amazon bestseller. Recognized as a leading consultant by the LA Times, Loren helps motivate entrepreneurs to grow along with their business. She engages entrepreneurial and professional audiences with insights about how to take action and succeed by teaching reliable principles that lead to significant business growth.