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LUNCH&LEARN: Understand Your Money Types to Open Your Flow of Prosperity, with Susan Shloss

  • VenturePad 1020 B Street San Rafael, CA, 94901 United States (map)

Understand Your Money Types to Open Your Flow of Prosperity.

Is your Warrior in charge of your business finances or is the Innocent hoping that someone else will manage the details?  

Are you letting the Magician inspire your actions or is the Tyrant blocking the flow of abundance?

Many business owners have patterns around money that repeat in spite of their desire to change.  You might recognize yourself in one or more of the following:

  • Spending beyond your means and using credit cards to make ends meet
  • Overspending to ease stress
  • Underearning or undervaluing your skills and talents
  • Feeling undue stress about money, no matter how much you are making
  • A sense of overwhelm or vagueness when it comes to financial details

Money coaching helps to identify the underlying causes of your money patterns, opening the door to transformation.  In this session, you'll learn about the 8 Money Types that influence your relationship with money and can make or break your business success.  Join us for a fun and enlightening presentation where you will open the door to a breakthrough in your money life.

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Susan Shloss is a Certified Money Coach®.  In the 90’s she worked as an investment specialist and operations manager at Charles Schwab. After leaving the corporate world, she trained in several healing modalities and became certified as a yoga teacher. In 2005 Susan started a bookkeeping business which has had 6-figure revenues for the past 4 years.  She now has a team of bookkeepers who are freeing her to pursue her passion of helping others break through their blocks to abundance.  With her long background in both the financial services and healing arts worlds, and her lifelong meditation practice, Susan helps people navigate money and emotions with insight, clarity, and compassion.

Contact info:
Susan Shloss, Certified Money Coach
Phone 415-497-0277