VenturePad's incubator / accelerator provides affordable space, professional services, funding and a community to create, promote and activate impact entrepreneurship in Marin. 

San Rafael in Marin County has had incubators and accelerators before, but the entrepreneurial community here lost both of them in 2015 and there has been a void since then. 2 years into this hiatus of no entrepreneurship center, VenturePad is filling that gap.  Our coworking space and meeting center is providing the first entrepreneurial hub, and about 1 year into business, we are adding an incubator / accelerator.

VenturePad's incubator / accelerator will further solidify VenturePad as the entrepreneurial hub and startup destination for San Rafael and Marin County. Our model is an inclusive one, and will include scaling startups (10x plays) as well as impact ventures (2x to 4x with social benefit). We will have a preference for those ventures whose purpose includes community benefit and/or triple bottom line sustainability.

The incubator's model will be cohort-based modules: 

1st module:  This will focus on market/business feasibility, and testing the product-market fit. The ending milestone is a go/no-go decision to develop a product/service, and to move into the 2nd phase or module. 

2nd module: Assembling a founding team, developing a business plan and creating a minimum viable product, and funding as needed. These are pre-revenue ventures.

3rd module:  Product/service launch and market traction. Funding as needed. These are pre or post revenue ventures. 

4th module:  Revenue generation and scaling. Funding as needed. These are post revenue ventures.

Client companies may join or leave at any point in the module sequence, depending on their evolution. 

The following elements are provided across all 4 modules:

Training and professional development: This is rich content in a cohort delivered by experts and accomplished entrepreneurs that fills in any knowledge gaps for the entrepreneurs so that they have the necessary know-how to successfully launch and grow their businesses. This will be delivered once a week in a face to face and virtual setting. 

Mentor and advisory group:  Each entrepreneur will have a mentor and group of advisors hand-picked for their sector and technical backgrounds. They will meet weekly at VenturePad. Entrepreneurs will be expected to present regular deliverables to their cohort as well as their advisors. This keeps the entrepreneurs on track and accountable. 

Professional Services:  This group differs from advisors in that they actually execute work that needs to get done.  Each client team will have access to over 75 professional service providers at pro bono or discounted rates. These vetted service professionals are committed to not just working with startups but also working to ensure their client startup's success.  These services may include market testing with focus groups and surveys, business plan development, financial projections, prototype building, go-to-market strategy, marketing program setup and execution, integrated digital marketing, website design build and maintenance, revenue generation, channel establishment, biz dev and fundraising.

Support Community: This includes VenturePad's coworking community as well as ongoing Lunch & Learns, evening entrepreneur support gatherings, social mixers with business and government leaders, and conferences and summits that VenturePad organizes. 2018 signature events will include the Sustainable Enterprise Conference in October, CleanTech summit, and possibly a Getting Funded summit.


• 10-15 cohort members admitted in Year 1

• Program is fee-based ($500-$700 month while in the program) or sponsored by 3rd party angels, corporate investors and venture philanthropists. Average funding for a sponsored participant will range from $75K to $125K for 10% — 20% equity stakes.

• Primary sectors include Clean Tech, Wellness/Health, Food/Ag, SaaS & IT, Social Impact


Startups apply here.

Impact investors apply here

Professional service providers apply here.