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VenturePad Co-founders


Chris Yalonis, VenturePad Co-founder and President

Building exterior - view from B Street

Overhead aerial 3D architect rendering

Aerial 3d Architect Rendering

Alejandro Moreno, VenturePad Co-Founder and VP, Marketing

Building exterior - view from B Street at Julia St

outside view of VenturePad - B St at Julia St

Corner view at 5th Street and B Street




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Brand Guidelines

Brand Guidelines



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Company Information

What is VenturePad?

VenturePad is Marin’s premier coworking community and entrepreneurship center. Hosting over 100 businesses in downtown San Rafael, VenturePad fosters a thriving coworking community for entrepreneurs, freelancers, self-employed, giggers and those who want an alternative to the home office, café or expensive lease. Don't rent an expensive office that is empty 60% of the time, come rent a desk at VenturePad instead!

What is VenturePad's mission?

Hosting over 100 innovative small businesses, VenturePad will address a critical need in Marin by combining affordable, accessible and professional office space with support services for Marin’s entrepreneurs, freelancers and home office professionals under one roof. Slated to be the County’s entrepreneurship hub, Venturepad will also provide classes, workshops, events and a wrap around “C-suite team” of professional services offering affordable, specialized skills, such as website design, digital branding, product prototyping, social media and sales training.

What Makes VenturePad different?

Two Marin County entrepreneurial hubs closed in 2015, leaving these significant, vital communities and those established networks without a home and in a limbo of sorts. VenturePad is different in that it will fill these voids, and simultaneously reunite and reignite these communities via coworking, incubation, small business support and events for the public at a central convenient location. Our downtown San Rafael location is another key factor - VenturePad is within a 20-minute drive for 80% of Marin’s residents and walking distance to San Rafael’s many downtown entertainment, dining, banking and business service establishments. We are also the only large coworking space in Marin, which will allow us to host relatively large events, have a significant sized membership, all of which will be of vital strength to the community and will enable a greater impact. This will be done by creating the coworking community which is inherently entrepreneurial, and which will be doubly supported by our business incubator. Also contributing to this will be the lunch and learns, workshops, public art and music events we will host in conjunction with partnering with both for profit and non-profit local establishments .

What does VenturePad provide specifically?

  • Community - Get out of the house. Come find your tribe. In business for yourself, but not by yourself.
  • Space - Open, casual, comfortable working spaces where you can either work solo or with your team.
  • Services - office, entrepreneurial support, education, training, cafe, and of course high speed Wi Fi.
  • Events - members only events and public events - some educational, some fun, some are both.

VenturePad in a Word

In a nutshell, if we had to reduce everything we are down to 1 word - that would be community.