1)  Position:  Cowork Membership Sales in Marin

Business Description

VenturePad is Marin County's premier coworking space and entrepreneurship center located in downtown San Rafael. We provide local entrepreneurs with a professional,productive affordable workspace and meeting rooms to start and grow their businesses.
We also provide the community with exciting events and learning programs to grow our members' businesses and are committed to making a positive social impact. We have a monthly membership model that includes workspace, meeting rooms, learning
programs, coaching and networking events. 

Position Description

 VenturePad is looking to hire a membership salesperson who is passionate about entrepreneurship, community impact, sustainability, and success! The role would include recruiting prospects with tours and free day passes and converting these leads into memberships. Leads are generated through paid and organic search, digital ads, offsite and onsite network events, local small businesses lists, drop in tours, business groups using the meeting rooms, mixers, word of mouth. 

Job Responsibilities

Applicant would spend 10 - 15 hours per week calling warm and cold leads, following up with active leads, and closing deals. Contract will last 2 to 4 months. 


• $10 - $15 per hour based on experience, plus commission
• Free coffee, tea, and snacks


 • Available 10 - 15 hours per week during business hours (M-F, 9-6 p.m.) 
• Available to work in blocks of 3 - 4 hours at a time, start work at VenturePad, telecommute over time, if desired. 
• Have transportation to Downtown San Rafael
• 1 - 3 years of sales or customer service experience
• Laptop computer with access to Google drive
• Personal cell phone
• Self driven, able to work in unstructured start-up environment

How to Apply

• Please email your resume to chris@venturepad.works
• Confirm that you meet all requirements above in the email




VenturePad is looking to hire motivated students who are passionate about entrepreneurship, community impact, sustainability, and success! VenturePad has several openings in the fields of sales, marketing, event planning, business strategy development, technology, and market research. However, as part of a small team all interns will gain cross-disciplinary experience.

Job Responsibilities
All interns are expected to work 10 – 20 hours a week, between the hours of 9 am to 6 pm, Monday through Friday. Marketing meetings are held every Thursday at 10:30 am and all interns (and staff) are expected to attend (unless schedule does not permit).

$250 cash stipend per semester completed. Interns are also granted Resident Member status which includes a personal desk and unlimited use of all VenturePad amenities ($500/month value). Interns will be working side by side with some of Marin County’s most exciting startups and entrepreneurs, as well as be invited to all events and mixers, providing excellent networking

How to Apply
Please send your resume or LinkedIn profile to chris@venturepad.works and indicate your interest in VenturePad, the specific position you would like to apply for, your current field of study and any relevant experience. Current Positions Listed on Next Two Pages (positions may be combined if applicant is

Sales and Marketing Intern

We are looking for a talented salesperson to identify and communicate our value proposition to the correct customers, build relationships, and close deals. Successful interns will gain measurable sales experience in the form of leads identified, deals closed, and revenue


  • Identify and communicate with potential customers
  • Track and maintain leads using HubSpot CRM software
  • Cold / warm calling new or old leads
  • Face to face sales in coffee shops, on the street, or door to door
  • Negotiate pricing and build custom product offerings
  • Maintain customer relationships and provide after-sales service


Technology and Operations Intern

We are looking for a versatile and organized technologist that can operate, maintain, optimize, and improve our online infrastructure. Successful interns will gain measureable experience in administration of both industry-standard online platforms and innovative bespoke solutions.


  • Design, maintain, and update company website using Squarespace
  • Track and analyze web traffic using Google Analytics and Google Search Console
  • Monitor and maintain company users using Google G-Suite Administration
  • Create, present, and maintain company documents using Google Docs and Google Sheets
  • Generate reports, reconcile audit payments using Stripe
  • Maintain internal booking system and respond quickly to customer requests


 Sustainability Intern

We are looking for a passionate and outgoing evangelist who will help us organize Marin County’s very first Sustainable Enterprise Conference (SEC)! Successful interns will gain measureable experience in the form of sponsors committed, speakers and exhibitors booked, and tickets sold. Interns will also help VenturePad operate with as little environmental impact as possible.


  • Identify key-decision makers within local business who are potential sponsors
  • Contact decision makers and present value proposition for sponsor packages
  • Identify and communicate with potential exhibitors and speakers
  • Market and sell tickets for event attendees
  • Provide input, help design and update SEC website
  • Assist VenturePad in obtaining and complying with a Green Business Certification

Business Development Intern

We are looking for an ambitious, entrepreneurial strategist who will help us grow our business and take VenturePad to the next level. Successful interns will gain measureable experience in the form of a business plan, costs benefit analysis’, market research surveys, and more.


  • Identify, research, and market new product offerings
  • Research competitors product offerings, revenue models, and customer bases
  • Engage in market research to identify new opportunities and ventures
  • Project future costs and revenues associated with new projects
  • Aid student team with research regarding VenturePad’s upcoming incubator launch
  • Work with existing customers to improve current offerings and maintain loyalty