VenturePad is more than just a business

VenturePad is committed to building a supportive and sustainable community with a positive social impact. 


To help create, support and promote small businesses, to improve our community, serve solopreneurs, small startups and organizations that need professional coworking space and meeting rooms at affordable rates in downtown San Rafael. 


To be a community gathering center for Marin with a dynamic cross-section of for-profits, non-profits, gov't agencies and academia using VenturePad not just as a coworking space and meeting center, but also as an entrepreneurial hub to drive impact initiatives, with VenturePad  becoming an agent of positive change, with an impact business incubator launching 15 to 25 business per year.

  • What problem are we solving for the greater good?
  • Who and what are we inspiring to change?


VenturePad Values

Entrepreneurial spirit (risk taking, new opportunities and products/services, growth, progress) 

Innovation (new business, sustainable and economic models and approaches)

Collaboration between members, public and private entities and nonprofits toward community benefit

Professional and Peer Support of Members 

Increasing Productivity of individuals and teams

Committed to building a supportive and sustainable community with a positive social impact

FUN! Life is too short! Let's enjoy the ride!!



Launch 15-25 companies/year via the Incubator, and offer startup and scaling business funding.

Model practices that we champion by being a carbon neutral, certified Green business, while operating with a near zero waste stream.

Launch Marin's first Sustainable Enterprise Conference (happening on Oct 26!),

Develop community-driven impact initiatives fostering public-private collaboration, and technology leverage and social outreach;

Examples include:

  • climate change
  • clean energy
  • wellness
  • healthy food and sustainable agriculture
  • affordable housing
  • traffic/low carbon transport
  • homelessness
  • natural resource conservation and land use.


Our Commitment to Sustainability

Sustainability Scorecard - Walking Our Talk

VenturePad is a registered Benefit Corp, and operates with low environmental impact and high social impact.

As a Zero Waste facility, less than 5% of our waste will go to landfill

 We are a Marin Clean Energy Deep Green commercial customer, with 100% of our energy sourced through renewable sources.

We report our carbon footprint and sustainability performance.