5p - 5:30:  Check-in, networking, exhibitor showcase. Table sponsors covering a wide range of financing services and sources such as loans, lines of credit, community development financial institutions, micro and online lending, crowdfunding, community banks and credit unions, angel networks and venture capital.

5:30 - 6:15WelcomeEconomic Outlook and Entrepreneur Panel. The role of and outlook for entrepreneurship in Marin. Panel of successful entrepreneurs experienced in startup to scale to investor payout, and in a wide range of debt and equity options as they evolved their businesses.

  • Chris Yalonis, Alejandro Moreno, VenturePad Cofounders and conference chairs.
  • Damon Connolly, President, Marin Board of Supervisors.
  • Steve Fox, CFO at EO Products.
  • Lisa Tamayo, CEO at Scollar, former North Bay Angel board member.
  • Russ Holdstein, angel investor in StubHub, Zillow (Trulia), HotelTonight,, Canary, Wheelhouse

WORKSHOPS on financing options for various stages of a business: idea and start-up, growth and expansion, stability and maturity:

6:20-7p: Financing 101 Workshop. For neophytes new to business finance; what are the basics, the terms, the pros and cons of various options and what sources are right for your company.

  •  Laurie O'Hara, Director at Working Solutions.

6:20-7p: Idea & Start-up stage Workshop.  For entrepreneurs who want to to bring their idea to market, and optimize the best use of founders' savings, credit cards, friends and family funds, guerrilla financing and bootstrapping your early stage company to meet cash flow needs.

  • Paul Bozzo, startup finance expert, principal at 10x. 

7:10-7:45p: Early Stage Workshop (post revenue-existing products in market): in addition to prior phase fund sources, add banks, credit unions, micro lenders, crowdsourcing platforms, incubators/accelerators, angels and VCs; what do they look for and how to negotiate and conduct business with them. Also covered will be non-traditional sources such as internal capital raising, customer funding, accelerating sales.

  • Jenny Kassan, investor, finance innovator, author of Raise Capital On Your Own Terms. 

7:10-7:45p: Expansion & Maturity Workshop: This is for businesses in market for several years, scaling product offerings, distribution and marketing. How do they best prepare, attract and close an equity funding and carry out a cash-out strategy, including management buy-back, ESOP, IPO and acquisition.

  • Lili Balfour, founder of Atelier Advisors, mergers and acquisitions expert. 

7:45 - 8:30p: Networking, exhibitor showcase, and reception! Appetizers and beverages provided.

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